Malware infection on your website?

Inside Dopus I clicked on Help/Directory Opus On The web/Product News and my AVAST A/V blocked the site saying it was infected with Blacklist. I could get to the main site page without an error.

These things are almost always false positives, especially with free antivirus.

No problems reported with are reported by VirusTotal except for one engine I've never heard of out of 83, where the other 82 detect no issues.

Since the blog is hosted on Google's Blogger service, I'd expect Google also scan it for malware and have not reported anything or blocked it.

Please use better antivirus rather than waste our time! (Sorry, but bad antivirus is wasting a lot of time lately.)

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Sorry for wasting your time. I rarely get that error from my AV so I do take it seriously when it does happened. I should have done a second check with an online website virus checking site. Lesson learned.

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No worries. It seems these days AV usually causes more problems than its worth :smiley:


I haven't used an AV in years. :wink:

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