MalwareBytes: Cannot rename some folders, unusual read only issues

I am running 12.7.3 on win7. Just updated recently. DOPUS will not allow me to rename some folders in My Documents. I have 19 sub folders in MyDocs. The problem is intermittent. Sometimes when I test I can rename them but when I try to name them back to the original name it does not allow. The fault shows as USAC - do you want to allow the program to make the changes? I answer yes, and then it says "An error occurred renaming 'file name': Access denied. (5)

I have a second curious issue and this also appears on DOpus 12.7.3 on my Win10 machine. If I right click all of the major level folders in MyDocs or MyMusic or wherever and look at the properties, it says Read Only. If I unclick that and hit apply, the read only box gets unmarked. But if I go back and check, it says read only again. Is that related to my other problem? Although as I said this happens on both my win7 and win10 machine. As far as I can tell I have no renaming problems on my win10 machine.

And on both the win7 and win10 machine I have a third problem, namely that randomly it will duplicate the Documents folder in libraries so that it appears twice.

Do these things also happen in File Explorer?

I normally have Opus run all the time. I just set it to allow me to run Explorer. When I try to change a file name in Explorer that Opus would not have allowed me to change, it says the file is in use by another program. That particular issue only happens on my win7 machine.

But as I said, the other 2 issues, the files showing as read only, and the double appearances of My Docs happens on both my win7 and win10 installations.

Are you aware of any of these items happening?

They could be caused by a few things, but the first thing to work out is if it's anything to do with Opus not, else you could be looking in the wrong place.

Does the oddity with read-only attributes also happen in Explorer?

Leo, I thought I answered that in my first paragraph. I also cannot rename in Explorer but the failure is different. Instead of a simple "access denied" it say that file is in use by another program.

You didn't mention if the read-only attributes are doing funny things in both programs or just one.

Is something resetting the read-only attributes no matter which program you set them in?

Have you got Malwarebytes Pro running as I have been having this happen. Stop Malwarebytes and restart Malwarebytes. It does not happen on every boot. What I found was that if the was a .jpg in the folder and I took it out I could rename the folder I could also remane the .jpg but if I put it back in the folder could not rename the folder again.

Good call. My problem is close to yours and inconsistent as you say, but turning of the 4 components of MB real time protection does seem to solve the renaming problem. However, it does not change the fact that all my main folders are right protected and I cannot turn of the right protection. Is that std. for DOPUS 12?

Also, now that you have identified the problem, is that something DOPUS will fix or do I need to ask MalwareBytes for help?

Does it happen in Explorer as well?

It probably is not Opus that is making the folders read-only. Check in Explorer.

Try shutting Malwarebytes down rather than turning off the 4 components. If that works restart Malwarebytes

Leo, I checked on another machine running win10 with no Opus installed and indeed found those same subfolders in Documents are marked read only. I guess I never checked that before. Is that not something you are familiar with?

Brilliant. How did you discover that. I couldn't turn off MBAM while machine was on, so it set it for "do not auto start on start up" and rebooted. All was fine. I then turned on the 4 real-time components and all was fine. I then rebooted with auto-start MBAM enabled and all is fine, i.e. I have no problem changing folder names. I will check over the next week and get back to you.
Thank you.

Moved to Off-Topic as this seems to be about MBAM rather than Opus.

(Please continue discussing, though, as it could be useful to other people who use MBAM here.)

I sent a note to MBAM and after having me run diagnostics they said this as of 3/27/18:

Thank you for providing the logs, it appears you are experiencing a known issue with our Anti-Ransomware protection. Our developers are currently working on a permanent fix, however as a workaround you can temporarily disable the protection when changing file and folder names, or cutting and pasting, and it should work as expected.

Thank you for alerting me to the issue.

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MBAM has a new patch V3.4.5

Have just downloaded the patch will have to see if it fixes the problem as it does not happen all the time

thanx for heads up. Just installed, but as you say problem was inconsistent. So far seems ok.

not had any problems since installing the latest version

Spoke to soon it has started to happen again
Version Information
Component package version 1.0.342
Update package version 1.0.4816

Have put this on the MBAN forum

Hmmm ... I will keep an eye out but with that same version of MB on my win7 machine with Opus12.7 I am ok on renaming. Will keep you posted.

After getting in touch with Malwarebytes it was just a problem with my version it had not updated correctly uninstalled Malwarebytes and reinstalled and all is working again.