Manipulating Dopus Variables

I am trying to do what seems something simple but can't put a finger on the right answer.
I have a dual pane lister. The left side I navigate somewhere, say C:\MyDir\MySubdir. I want to sync the contents with another PC mapped as drive N:, so I want to navigate the right pane to N:\MyDir\MySubdir.
I do this for many different dirs so would like a button that can take {source} variable, and replace first letter C with N, then Issue a Go command for the right pane to this new location. In vb terms it would be: "N" & mid({source},2) or perhaps: replace({source},"C:","N:")
I have read a number of posts that seem relevant but all are years old and hint at functionality that is coming. Only Rename supports true scripting. I could call an external vbscript but that seems kludgy to then have that script tell the correct pane of the correct lister what to do.
Any thoughts?
ps. pls don't suggest another method for doing a sync, that's not the real point of this topic. thx

You could use {dlgstring} to display the known folder - e.g. C:\MyDir\MySubdir - as a prompt so that the user can overtype C with N or whatever, then use the resulting string in a Go command.

Regards, AB

Try this command:

Go "N:\{sourcepath|noroot}" OPENINRIGHT

jon, that's perfect. I was so busy thinking about manipulating the path variable that I overlooked the simple fact that I only wanted to change the root. Thanks heaps, and thanks aussieboykie for suggestion.