Manual sorting of links not possible across groups

Manual sorting of links is not retained across reopenings of lister.
Real files are OK.
Manual sorting has been saved and verified as saved for the folders in question.

12.25.3 (Beta) x64
Build 7981

Links as in shortcuts (.lnk files) or softlinks/hardlinks?

Shortcuts. It's with shortcuts to some files on dropbox that I noticed.
Since you asked, I tried some local files and it seems to work OK.
The shortcuts from Dropbox don't.
They're just drag created, nothing special. Shortcuts are just small simple files with redirect instructions in them no? Maybe I'm thinking UNIX.

Are they inside a Dropbox folder, or just pointing to things in a Dropbox folder?

In a local folder pointing to "D:\Dropbox...", which is what I have assigned to Dropbox to use as its local incarnation on my machine using the Dropbox preferences panel.

Strange, since the target folder shouldn't matter here.

Could you post a screenshot of the window showing what things look like? That might give us a clue as to what's happening.

So ... ok, I had the local folder set to grouped.
It works as expected when not-grouped.
I can see it would be painful to implement sub-group sorting distinctions. Sorry.