Manualsort and copying by drag&drop

If I drag a file and drop it to another lister with manualsort active, the file is shown at the very end of the list until refresh. It's because I have "sort newly created and copied files" disabled (and I want to stay with this config). However in this particular case, when manualsort is on, it's weird to see file popping up in different place than where I dropped it.

Is it possible to somehow connect those two options and sort files automatically when manualsort is on?

Just found one more issue related with this behavior. If I drop a file somewhere with manualsort, the file is shown at the very end of the list. If I refresh the view immediately, the file hops in the right place. But if I drop another file before refreshing, DOpus remembers the first file position to be at the very end.

I think that if manualsort is on and I drag&drop a file to a certain position, the file should be displayed at this position immediately, regardless of "sort newly created and copied files" option). Other file operations (like using buttons to copy files) should stay as they are right now.

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next update.

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