Many 0XC0000005 errors

In the lister, clicking on any file on the disk (C:, local), DirectoryO freezes. Clicking on the close button, a window displays (every time same error at the same address):
Error 0XC0000005 in the process dopus_lister at 0X83F00C58.

Directory O version 12.12 x64
Windows 10 Pro 1803

I'm using DO since many years without problems. This problem appeared one or 2 months ago on the DO version11. I upgrades to the version 12 hoping the problem will disappear. But no change...

Thank you for your help !

If you have ArchiCrypt Shredder installed, please see here, as it sounds very similar to this recent thread:


I don't use ArchiCrypt or any other crypting app.
No viewer open

I send a 7zip file !
Thank you !

The three crash dumps emailed indicate a crash happening when right-clicking the folder background. Does that make sense? It's different to what you described. Have there been other crashes as well as the ones you mention?