Mapped drives failing to log in

I have three mapped drives linked to a domain server ( I am also an administrator on the server). When the PC boots up OPUS fails to log on to the drives. I have to click on one and log in manually and tick save settings which allows the other two to link up. I have four other licensed PC's which all work correctly, any ideas???

Opus is not responsible for re-connecting to network drives when your PC boots. That is something Windows does.

I log in on other PC's (all win7) with same credentials so why not this one, does that also mean the retain settings box is irrelevant?

Did you compare how explorer handles these drives after bootup?

OPUS is the default explorer on all the pc's and they are simply mapped drives (\server name\share name)?

If no one here knows, you might want to try a general Windows support forum.

Thanks, I shall keep digging. It's an annoyance but not a show stopper.

You can still open a regular explorer window, even if dopus is set to be the explorer replacement, just run explorer.exe.
Maybe it helps to find out, if this is issue is related to DO, but that's unlikely.

Thanks I'll check that on next reboot

I'm not sure why your other computers would be fine, but mapping drives in Vista and later with UAC enabled when the user is an administrator does not work by default. Take a look at the Microsoft support page KB 2859465: "Folder Redirection fails to apply when redirected to mapped drive letter, instead of UNC path".

I feel that drive mapping is mostly a holdover from the older days where programs expected everything to be DRIVE:\PATH\FILE.EXT . I find that most programs can work with files at a network location \server\path\file.ext directly now, so I don't use mapped drives. In any case, the Favorites functionality in Directory Opus is more useful to me than drive mapping, since you can make any sub-directory a Favorite (such as \server\path\sub\more\etc\ ); drive mapping can only go to the first-level shared directory (such as \server\path\ ).

Mapping drives still works for admin accounts on Vista and above, it just means the mapped drives are not visible to elevated processes and when doing folder redirection (which the KB is about).

As long as you create the mapping from a normal, non-elevated process, and only use it from similar processes, it should work fine.

Thanks Guys, I am a local admin as well as a server admin and I am simply mapping drives to shared directories using UNC so I can retrieve files etc. I looked at the links above but I don't think they are relevant (I did try the registry option without success). It is no big deal, I will just live with it as it is taking up too much time. Thanks to all for your comments.