Marketing suggestion

This isn't so much a development idea as it is a marketing suggestion. I was reading through the help and support forum when it occured to me that opus would be really great running on a demo editing machine at NAB. I don't know if it would be possible to pull that off but I think a lot of content creation folks would be really jazzed seeing how an experienced opus user could save time and effort by using opus instead of the built-in explorer. It really is a tool I wouldn't be without anymore, for multiple reasons. I'm thinking ideal folks to pitch this to would be high-profile companies whose software require a lot of file manipulation - adobe photoshop and after effects, editing hardware / software like Harris VelocityHD or Matrox Axio, compositors like digital fusion or (autodesk) discreet combustion, etc.

Anyway, just a quickie thought I thought I'd throw out there.

What's NAB?

National Australia Bank
National Association of Broadcasters
NAB2006 - The World's Largest Electronic Media Show (that might be it!)
The New American Bible
National Accountability Bureau
National Allergy Bureau

I think they could all benefit from Opus! :slight_smile:

Ah, sorry. National association of broadcasters. It's basically the superbowl for all things video and that includes a lot of animation as well. There's also "Siggraph" which is the equivalent in the animation realm - 3D and 2D motion graphics and stuff. NAB meets every year in las vegas for a week-long convention, siggraph meets also every year.