Markup codes and Go-Buttons

Markup-codes aren't working with Buttons containing a Go-command. With a "Go Back" Button which doesn't have any text in the description field the tooltip shows "Go to [button label]"

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Could you give more detail on what you're trying to do? Maybe a screenshot of it in the button editor would clarify things.

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Here we go:


Another example with Markup code in description field:


Thanks! We’ll add support for that in the next beta.

What purpose do markup codes follow? I did not get the meaning from the examples above.

I understand markup codes for formatting text like here on this forum, in the examples above, IMO, no text looks like formatted.

That's because it didn't work :slight_smile: With the bug fixed it renders like this:


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Regular Go-Buttons with markup-description are working fine now but Go BACK and Go FORWARD buttons should show Go to [last/next location] in the tooltip if the description field i$empty. They still show Go to [label] here.

Sorry I missed that original issue because of the stuff about markup (why it's good to post one question per thread). Fixed in the next beta.