Mass-create empty folders from a list of paths?

I have a list with a few hundred paths to empty folders. These were accidentally deleted. What is the best way to restore the empty folders in one go using the list as input?

There is a folder path in each line of the list. If I copy one line and paste it unchanged into the dialog for creating a new folder in Dopus, the folder is created correctly. The lines look like this, for example (twisted for privacy):

N:\Drteanepmts\Ptentae\Peeeamnnlnagutdtn\2017 UH Hnear Benar (2016)\D-1\221023 Aeweeldntnurf, Kaontmoiuimn tim Erierdnn\CDD-Zegnunehn\Ausfhrrsfgneuon aus 2036\

Check the magic box :slight_smile:

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Awesome, will try :see_no_evil: