Mass editing aliases and other Opus settings?

I am very comfortable with editing settings in a text editor and not in UI. I am okay with initializing the settings in UI but I would like to do further editing in a text editor. Is it possible to edit Opus user preferences via a text editor?

I understand it may be be dangerous that is fine with me.

This is an issue I‘ve been running into allot lately. I will save an alias using the Opus prefs window and then later on one of the following happens

  • After a clean up I rename my common folders
  • Move Opus settings to a new PC that has a different user folder
  • one folders name changes

and then all the paths the aliases point to are broken. Is there a way to mass edit these paths and even their alias names? Ideally something like a text file that opus uses to store its data would be great.

Just to remove doubt, is this also possible for other Opus settings such as

  • Labels and their hex color codes
  • The list of paths a lister layout opens
  • The list of paths a style opens
  • The paths a ‘Go "C:..." FOLDERCONTENT’ button/menu uses

Thank you!

The config is almost all in text (XML) format so you can edit it directly if you wish, and are careful.

You should fully exit Opus (don't just close its windows) before editing things. While not all config files require that, some do as they are only read at startup and may be written out from memory again during exit.

Man, this is great news to me. Thanks for your answer and the links for further reading.