Massive Problem with "Presets"

After an actualization of Dopus on the predefined Presets do not function any more.
Indication: this mistake appears only if this Presets about a menu by a switch(counter) are called.

Then behind the respective badges lies the responsible order: Rename PRESET = " Number files 4-figure "

The Presets are defined so: old name: (. *). (. ) new name: [].\2 regular expressions Sequenzielle numbering

apart from that everything off.

What can this lie with?



I think this recent change has broken the ability to use a rename preset that you've created and named yourself:

[quote]The PRESET argument for the Rename command now lets you open the dialog in either regular expression or find/replace mode, as follows:
Rename PRESET=regexp
Rename PRESET=findrep[/quote]

I'll report the bug to GPSoft. Meanwhile you can work around it by specifying all the rename arguments in the command, instead of using a preset.

For example:

Rename REGEXP PATTERN "(.).([^.])" TO "[#].\2" NUMBER "01"


thank you.

Why using "(.).([^.])" instead of (. *). (. *) ??

Any Advantage using this syntax?

Thank you again..


The syntax just ensures that the extensions is matched after the last dot in the file, in case there's more than one.

I'm not certain it's needed -- I'd have to read a book on regexps to be sure one way or the other! -- but there's no harm in being explicit. :slight_smile: