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Match file name.mp3 from .txt

i have a folder full of mp3s no track # or disk # ten cd set

song name in file name

i have a text file with track # disk # song name

how to get opus to highlight file that match song name in text file
i know that can be done but dont know where to start
thank you
... one i have musick in
cd1 cd2 and so on i can do the rest ... :smiley:

Maybe this is of help to you?

thanks somethink like that
mp3 iam working with are named "artist - song name "
text file i have is this

track#. song name - artist
so need opus to match like this
i can copy text ... from text file to clipboard by hand " say part of song name " paest in filter and opus highlights what it finds
but can only do it 1 line at a time so not fun

If you can shape your text file a bit to look like below..

REGEX=.*My Song Name.* REGEX=.*My Title.* REGEX=.*The 10 billion dollar tune.* REGEX=.*Song with no name.*
Then select/copy portions of it into the clipboard and running "SelectEx FROMCLIP" should select all matching items.
You'd need to install the SelectEx script addin first to make this work. [Command: SelectEx (extended Select command))

What might also be helpful is a texteditor that allows you to select columns of text to quickly remove/add specific parts from/to all the lines (removing the leading track number and adding the REGEX= prefix e.g.). Editplus will do, Notepad++ probably can do this as well.

Also consider looking at "MP3Tag", an excellent tool for working with mp3 and their tags, the latter may come from different sources and if I remember correctly, it had a feature to resolve and order a bunch of existing mp3 files into albums based on the playtime of each mp3 file, sort of.