Max_md5_file_size - file size limit also on manual calculation?

I have configured columns to not display MD5 values, but I have a button that will do this on RMB/LMB:
Set COLUMNSADD=md5sum(*,340)



Conveniently, this will also allow me to select files and then only calculate the md5sum of those.

max_md5_file_size in advanced options is set to 1

Question 1:
For situations where I DO want to see the MD5SUM of all files in a folder, is there a possibility for the above configuration to still (on top of the configurations mentioned) in some way exclude the calculations of files >x kb? I was thinking MD5 command could come with an optional value that would set such a limit.

Question 2:
Could you give a general recommendation/assessment for current hardware: Let's cautiously/conservatively assume a somewhat below average CPU of 2022 with e.g. 8 GB RAM, a slow budget SSD, and a lot of large files in various folders. -> What do you think is a general file size limit nowadays that makes sense to set as a limit for MD5 calculations?

Thank you

It’ll ignore the size limit for files which are selected when you trigger the getsizes command.

How you set the limit is entirely your choice.