Maximum length or limit of 135 ftp filename in DOpus?

I've uploaded some files via ftp with filenames longer than 135 characters. Afterwards, refreshing the lister, those filenames aren't displayed correctly, but are cut off at character 135. I'm also unable to do any file operations on these files (rename, delete, et cetera), probably because DOpus is using the truncated filename. I don't have these problem with other ftp file managers. How can I resolve this issue with DOpus?

Please send me a direct email with more details and a test login and I will run a test on the server.

Thanks for the report and for the private email with further details.

With your data, I was able to reproduce the issue quickly and there is a simple solution. The issue is that one filename is very long and the total length of the received line including the date/attributes/owner/filename etc exceeds the allocated size for the normal file name length of the 256 character buffer when you use the MLST method to list the directory.

You can over come this by going to the FTP Address book -> site -> Misc and turning OFF Use MLST.

This will resolve the problem immediately and not have other significant effects.

I have committed the fix for the next version of Opus but given that this is our holiday period, this probably won’t be out until June sometime. But the issue can be resolved as above.

See private email for further comments.