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McAfee Total Protection Context Menu Missing


Hi Leo. I also am having the same problem as @nuspieds. Do you have a fix yet for DOpus?


As far as we can tell, McAfee's code is choosing not to add any menu items when asked. Why, we cannot tell as we do not have their code. But we are definitely asking their code if it wants to add anything, and it isn't.

It might be something they are doing intentionally (Norton intentionally hide their menus outside Explorer, including in Notepad, for example; no one knows why), or might be a small difference in how Opus asks vs how Explorer asks combined with a difference between McAfee's shell extension and how other ones behave, but it's difficult to say from our side.

You could try reporting the problem to McAfee to see if they can explain or fix what is happening in their code.


Thanks for the very fast reply! @Nuspieds did ask McAfee, but no luck there either:


Looking at the McAfee thread, they might just need a nudge as it could have been lost over christmas. It looks like they were interested in investigating, at least.

If another customer asks there it might increase the priority as well.

On our side, all we could really do is try lots of random things in the hope it was the thing that their shell extension is expecting, but it could be so many things that that could be difficult or even impossible to work out.

Re it working in other file managers, that is usually because they do not build the context menus themselves and just ask the Windows shell to build and display a menu.


In DOpus, right-click on a file, select "Create Shortcut".

On the new shortcut file, right-click, and you'll see the McAfee context menu options.

So it's not that it doesn't work in DOpus at all; it most certainly does, but on shortcut links only, that is.


Have you told McAfee this?

We have no real way of telling why their shell extension works for some file types and not others. They may need a nudge, as per above.


Yep...just updated that thread I started with the same info.