MD5 or other file hash calculator

I would like to see a hash calculator for single and multiple files, preferably MD5, CRC32 or even SHA-1, in the context menu in Opus or as an optional button in the toolbar. The hash values could either be stored in the clipboard or the results of hashed files presented in a popup window (with ability to copy to clipboard the results). If you could add saving the results to an .sfv file this would be very good.

To copy to the clipboard use the last two commands mentioned in this FAQ. (e.g. Clipboard COPYNAMES=hash)

If you just want to display the checksums, add the MD5 column to the lister or run GetSizes NODESELECT MD5 on some selected files.

I tried it and it works well, thank you very much for the information!

Shouldn't something like this be a little bit easier to find and access? Also, is there a possibility that .sfv could be supported in a future version?

SFV support and checking would be nice, I agree. Until them I'm using [quote]QuickSFV[/quote] which integrates nicely with Opus.

How would you make the feature easier to find? Opus does a hell of a lot and all the little features are as easy to find as each other. :slight_smile: The problem is there's so many of them to look through before you find what you want, and one person's cool feature is just another part of the manual that gets in the way of another person's cool feature. :slight_smile:

It's a thankless job... writing technical documentation. So many people don't bother reading. Thanks to the forums here I think most people get the answers they need with a minimum of time (at least... after they find out and finally post to the forum). Ah... and Tanis is yet another donation-worthy target :slight_smile:.

I must admit I've never gone through the documentation and I didn't even consider that this option had ever been implemented in Opus.

please, what's the command or hidden option for CRC32 (instead of the default MD5)?
The tools i know (WhereIsIt, WinRAR, TeraCopy Pro, CDIMAGE.EXE, pdSFV.exe, BeyondCompare) have native CRC32 support. And crc codes are certainly are shorter and look nicer :smiley:

The only supported checksum at the moment is MD5, so there is no hidden option.

shall i file a feature request or is Jon taking notes? :wink:

It seems to be a better idea to file a request, i would say.

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