Mechanism for Status (Label)?


I was wondering how labeling (or status) works; as I moved a file (labeled) to my second PC and status shows blank.

If I back up DO, and restore, will that transfer label info as well?


It's either stored in your Opus configuration (against the file path) or in the filesystem (as NTFS ADS metadata).

The filesystem case is the default these days, assuming an NTFS drive. Not all tools will preserve that data when copying/moving the file to a new drive.

Thank you.

Should I then back up DO setting and restore on my second PC?

Hmm just tried restoring the config, and it does not work. How do I transfer NTFS metadata info?

How did you copy the files to the other PC?

If you use Opus (unless it's configured not to), or a disk-image backup tool, then the NTFS ADS metadata should be preserved.

If other tools were used, it may not have been.

I don't know of any tools that will sync just the metadata without re-copying the files themselves.

PS: Please link your account.

Hmm I copied file and pasted from one DO to another (via remote session). I will experiment more. Thanks.

not sure how to link the account. I will take a look.

Copy & paste through Remote Desktop will lose the metadata, since Remote Desktop doesn't preserve it.

Using network shares instead should work.

Oh. Thanks!!!!