Media Files And Auto Folder Creation

I was wondering If There Is (Or Could Be) A Way To Auto Create Folders On The Fly Depending On The ID3 Tag In Lets Say A MP3

So If The Artist Filed Had "Philip Marlowe" And This Would Then In Turn Create A Folder Called "Philip Marlowe"

C:\Old Time Radio\Philip Marlowe\Philip Marlowe - King in Yellow.mp3

This Option Would Be Very Helpful To Users Who Work With Media Files Allot.

You can do this through the advanced rename dialog.

Oldname: *
Newname: {mp3artist}*
Type: Standard rename

Make sure Enable file information fields is ticked too.

You could save this rename as a preset then configure a button to call that preset - in other words just select your mp3 files and then click the button you've created rather than go through the rename dialog.

The command for this would be:

Rename PRESET="Name of your preset"


Why don't you do this in MediaCenter? Rename files from Properties?

Because Matt is ticked off that he made fun of the word 'hexified' and revoked his MC license - LOL.

Hmmm... King posting here just gave me an idea of writing an APE plugin for Opus. Especially with the MAC code open sourced, I think this might be high-time for a less ambitious project than my ill-fated namespace extension.

Why don't you do this in MediaCenter? Rename files from Properties?[/quote]


Because, I want to sort thru the 500,000+ mp3's i have on my 2TB drives, And I am also testing this Opus 8 for my Awards Site Along with 9 other testers.

So far Opus works good, but I can make it crash from time to time Creating And Removing Folders. Other than that Opus is very nice. I am hoping I can see if they can fix this prior to the release of the review.

edbro9, steje

I Guess I am not safe anyware, i must have left a Bread trail

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