Media player question

Installed the trial version the other day on my XP system to give DOpus a go. So far, I'm finding it to be an excellent utility, will have to buy this one.

I do have a question about a really minor quirk though. Search didn't come up with anything useful, maybe it's just me.

Windows Media Player has an option to play in the taskbar. (I have WinAMP too but I just use that for video, WMP sounds better, and I love the taskbar) When I double-click an MP3 in a regular explorer window, or launch an MP3 via the start menu, WMP stays put in the taskbar and starts playing.

However, when I launch an MP3 via DOpus, WMP restores itself as a window and starts to play.

Told you it's minor :slight_smile: Anyone have a workaround for this? Not that big a deal, just out of curiosity. Won't stop me from buying DOpus though, as a file manager it stomps Explorer into dust.

What's the Open event set to on your MP3 filetype?

If you launch the MP3s by right-clicking them and selecting Open in both Explorer and Opus do you still get the different behaviour?

Thanks for replying --

I went to Settings->File Types, then brought up the entry for MP3.

Under actions, it has "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /prefetch:6 /Play "%L" for Open. (What it was originally set to on a fairly clean XP install)

After a bit more poking around, I found that double-clicks in Opus <> double clicks in Explorer. (A case of RTFM eh?)

With your hint of events, I managed to get it working like I wanted. Added a double-click event to use the context menu for that Play command.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem related to what you had earlier with windows media player not staying in the background when you double click mp3 files.

I was using tweakMP until now to "Add to Now Playing" list on Double Click.
Obviously this doesn't work on Directory Opus, can you tell me how I can add a double click event to do this. I think there might be some solution with CLSIDs but don't know how to pull it off.


Double-clicks in Opus should be the same as double-clicks in Explorer, unless there's a compatibility issue with certain types of filetype settings which we don't know of so far.

Do you know what tweakMP does to the filetypes/registry/Explorer/WMP, exactly?