Hello, what is the best media player?

No ones ever going to agree on whats the 'best'. We can only give our opinions to help you decide on what to use.

I personally like PotPlayer.

Things I like:

1.) It has a feature that shows thumbnails when hovering over the timeline (like how youtube works) and the main reason why I switched from VLC Player.

2.) Borderless option. I don't like all the clutter around video players and with this feature turned on, all I see is a floating video that snaps to the edge of my monitor. The controls show up when I hover over the playing video. I also turned on 'Touch Controls' so there is less clutter on hover, larger buttons and the interface shows on top of the playing video.

3.) Playback speed controls (.5 - 2.0) (I would think most do nowdays, but maybe not.).

4.) Exports settings to a .reg for easy importing.

5.) Plays all files I throw at it (with the OpenCodec Pack it downloads)

6.) It's free.

Things I don't like:

1.) The default Icons it uses for media types. It has a different icon color for every different file extension (.mkv, .mp4, .mp3 etc). I created my own icon pack (.dll) which uses their main icon and assigned it to all video file extensions so now all videos have one icon color.

I've been using MPC-BE for 8 years, without issue, after switching from VLC. It's a banger. :v::australia: