Memory Leak in DO 11.7.1 beta

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Left DO open over night and my PC crashed due to memory shortages (8 Gigs) 64 bits. Noticed after a few hours that DO uses 2 Gigs of ram, I think there's a memory leak.


Here's how to track down which component is causing the leak (it is often a shell extension rather than Opus itself):

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Wow thanks for the prompt response. I cant get that to work at all, I get dopus.exe error in VMMap:
The program can't start because MSVR120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

This file is generic control dll but I found it as part of megui which is a stand-alone movie encoder. I'm not sure why this is hooked.

I did notice in the file panel in process explorer that the movies in the current directory are being scanned by DO (their names are listed, as they are processed).

I then disabled all plugins, this made no effect on the rapid increase in memory usage.

I then removed megui from program files and VMmap still complained...

I then closed all tabs containing media files and the problem went away.

Any more advise?
Thanks again

Any codec packs installed?

Yup Klite (who doesnt have these installed!).. just busy updating that ... why still use them when all the plugins are disabled?

Is the error from VMMap.exe or dopus.exe? Please post a screenshot showing the error so we can see exactly what it says and where it's coming from.

Opus does not use MSVR120.dll and I don't think VMMap.exe needs any additional DLLs that don't come with Windows, but it's possible something you have installed on your system which is hooking itself into either Opus or VMMap requires the DLL and has not installed it, or that the DLL has been broken by something else (since it's a shared component used by various things).

That is normal as long as it does not last too long, but if you're only seeing the high memory usage when scanning movie files then it suggests you have a bad video codec/demuxer which is either leaking memory or using a large amount of memory just to extract metadata/thumbnails from the videos.

Please try uninstalling klite. It comes with at least one component that's known to cause many crashes, so it's possible it is related to this.

Plugins are not the only things which will extract video metadata.

If the memory usage went away when closing the tab, that suggests it isn't a memory leak, but is instead something using a large amount of memory.

How many files are in the folder(s) that were being scanned? Are you in thumbnails mode?

Actually, I haven't used any of these for at least 7-8 years.. With players such as VLC and smplayer, is there a real need for that anymore? I'm just asking out of curiosity, honestly.

Hi Guys

Thanks for all the help here. I'm still no closer to determining what's causing the memory leak. I've uninstalled every filter/ clodec that I can see to no avail.

(I'm quite relieved its not the Klite codec pack as I'm quite fond of Media Player classic)

When launching VMmap with Dopus I still get the error message. That file mscr120.dll does not exist on my system so I dont know what's creating the hook. What I can do is attache it when its running already.

Can anyone help?

Sorry that should be msvcr120.dll - no reference to it in the registry either ...

It seems that component is a Visual Studio 2013 dll (32 bit). I inserted it in the program directory and now get a msg saying that the program is unable to start correctly. This would be expected as the DO is 64 bit. Is there any reason why the 32 version is also installed in the x86 sub-directory?

Maybe with the betas DO got messed up? I'll reinstall it to check. The memory usage just runs up so quickly.


I have rebooted in Minimal Safe Mode (only Win 8 64 going). Run VMMap as administrator ... : The program can't start because MSVR120.dll is missing from your computer.
It stats fine in normal mode.

Any ideas?

Hi Guys

That error is due to the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 missing on the PC. Oddly it did the same on my work Win7 PC. Get it here: ... x?id=40784

Not sure if its required by VMMap

Will check whats causing the memory thing...

If it's still there, you should remove that file from the program directory. It doesn't belong there and that's not the correct way to install it.

(Looks like you found the correct way later.)

Hi Leo

Thanks for replying.

DO rapidly grows in mem usage way past 2 gigs. I Ran the trace as per your article and isolated the big stack.

All the components are Microsoft and DO.

See attached. What now?

Go to Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins and disable the Movie plugin to see if that stops the problem.

(If that fixes things, the issue is likely to be with certain AVI files triggering bugs in system or 3rd party video decoders, rather than the plugin itself. But let's find out if it really does fix things first, as this could be a false lead until tested.)

Hi there

No its still running away

I went through the program uninstaller to find any more codecs, uninstalled an mpeg encoder but it makes no difference.

Is there no way to track down whats causing this? All the components from VMMap seems to be windows media components.


You need to do the same VMMap stack process again, then show us the stack.


Here you go:

mssvp.dll is part of Windows Search, although I suspect it is being used here by the Windows shell to extract thumbnails or metadata for video files, assuming you are not performing a search when this happens.

MSPlat.dll is the Microsoft Media Foundation Platform, which handles media files like videos and images.

Do these allocations still show in the list if you close all Opus windows? If you' have listers open then they could be legitimate allocations holding thumbnails or metadata about what's in the file display. If no listers are open and the allocations remain then they look like memory leaks, and based on this and the previous example when the movie plugin was enabled, it would appear that you have some AVI files which trigger a bug in the Windows AVI parsers which cause them to leak memory. But only if the allocations remain after closing all Opus windows.


There is allot of media in the directory and the memory use seems to stop at around 2 gigs. Maybe it is legit, it doesn't seem to run away to the point where windows crashes when the media plugin is disabled. The memory is returned when DO is closed.

On the windows update site under optional patches there is a generic patch listed today. Under the fixes I noted this one sneaked in there: Memory leak occurs when you play mp4 files in Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2

Will patch and try again
Thanks again for your help and patience :slight_smile:


I can confirm that Microsoft patch fixed the memory issue.

Even with the movie filter on and the Klite codec pack installed it stays low.

Thanks again