Memory Overload

Since upgrading some months back my Directory Opus has been causing my computer to overload the memory and my screens are being shut down leaving me no option but to restart the whole system. My computer man has looked at this and advised that if I don't fix the problem I will continue to have this problem. I'm thinking the best way might be to go back to older version because it worked fine then. Can somebody please help me

What makes you think Opus is involved? I really can't see how it could cause your screens to shut down. It sounds more like a hardware fault to me.

The reason I say that is because my task manager is open and showing at various times that the memory usage from Directory Opus is up to 90% of my memory. This problem never happened until about 1 or 2 months ago. So I was thinking if you don't know about this problem I would be better to go beck a version of your software. What do you think about that idea

It might be worth checking with an older version to test your theory. If you want to try a particular version of Opus and need the old installer, let me know which version you want to test.

You may also find the same problem happens with the old version, even though it didn't before.

The larger memory leaks are often (not always, of course) caused by shell extensions something else has installed/updated, which get loaded by Opus and attributed to dopus.exe (and other programs that load them) in Task Manager.

There's a tool which can be used to diagnose where a leak is coming from. If it's in Opus, that will help us locate what needs fixing, and if it looks like it's another piece of software then it can be reported to them, or may just reveal which thing needs updating and has a fix already.

It's a fairly technical tool, but we have a step-by-step guide on what to do (although we don't expect it to make sense to everyone):

I currently have V12.20 x 64 Build 7394 30/03/20
Can you tell me where I can get versions before this one

Which versions do you want?

I have installed Version 11.19 Build 6005 and for the last hour Directory Opus memory use has been hovering around 300MB to 500MB Maybe??? some luck there

That's still quite a lot of memory usage compared to normal. Is it more than before or less?

What happens if you open the same folders or do the same things in File Explorer? Does it start using a lot as well?

Have you configured anything, or are you doing anything, which would naturally increase memory usage? (e.g. Loading lots of really huge images as background graphics for parts of the window could, in really excessive cases, use a few hundred MB. As could loading all thumbnails in a large folder.)

Is the memory usage triggered by certain actions, or going into certain folders? (I once saw a bug where Opus appeared to leak 2 GB when in the Windows folder, which turned out to be caused by a backup tool's shell extension, for example.)

After my last message Directory Opus was up around 1GB. I was typing an email and the screens went black. When Opus first opens it goes straight to just over 300MB. Opening 2 Listers at once takes the memory to around 800MB and then opening the third lister it goes to 1.4GB. The 4th lister 2.3GB. As I close each lister until I only have one open the memory stays at 2.3GB. Like you said before the memory is not being released. I think it just builds and builds until Windows can't run.

That seems to prove it isn't caused by any changes in Opus, since going back to the old version remains the same.

My guess is there's a shell extension leaking memory. But wherever the leak is, the best way to locate it is using the guide I linked to above. (After going back to the current version.)

Thanks for you communication on this. I have decided to get my IT man to format the hard drive and rebuild all the software. So i will get your V12 put on and hopefully I'll be be flying. I will get him to check for leaking shell extensions. I have no idea what they are. Can you send me a few tips I pass onto him?

Thanks again for everything

The link I shared above covers what they are and how to detect them.

Hi Leo
I have reinstalled my entire hard drive and reinstalled Opus and its only using less than 100MB of memory Seems as though I had a bug in the system somewhere

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