Memory while CheckDisk runs (update: Windows issue not Opus)

Hi everybody,

When starting a checkdisk with Sector Scan (started from Explorer/DOpus) in Win7 64 Bit (with the current DOpus Beta active) DOpus begins to eat loads of memory.

After 10 Gig of memory consumption Win7 halts the process to ask if DOpus should continue. I never tried what happens if I allowed to check the whole drive.

When stopping the scan the memory is not emptied again (only killing the task helps).

Without Sector Scan everything works fine.


Please see if the steps in How to find components causing memory leaks narrow things down to a particular component or DLL which is eating the memory. It may not be Opus itself.

What is Sector Scan, but the way? I can't find a tool by that name.

Sector scan can be enabled for GUI based checkdisk from the properties / tools panel of a drive.

If that's what we're talking about then it shouldn't have any effect on Opus (edit: and does not on my machine, having checked now) and is likely to be a shell extension that's leaking memory. I'd be most suspicious of ones to do with drive and cloud backup, but the guide I linked above is the best way to find out for sure.

(There's a dllhost.exe process which does use a lot of memory while the scan runs, but that's unrelated to Opus and exits about 10 seconds after the scan finishes.)

thanks, leo.

I did some more checks (I might have done earlier).

Even without DOpus and AVG this problem still exists (now Explorer wastes about 12 GB of memory). As quite some other users are repoting this problem in the internet it might be just a Win7 problem.

Sorry for the fuzz.