Merge 2 Lister StatusBars into one single StatusBar?

Every Lister has two separate Status Bars:



This is confusing.

How can I merge this 2 status-bars into one single StatusBar?

And how can I show the file-name of the currently selected file?

The upper bar is not a Status Bar. It's a Filter Bar:!Documents/Filter_Bar1.htm

And if you want to see the file name of the currently selected file in the status bar then go to:

Tools > Preferences > Display > Status Bar > Codes > Selection > Name

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  1. How can I make the FileName appear in BOLD text style?

  2. Is it possible to integrate the Filter Bar into the Status Bar?

1: Solved: <b>{sel:name}</b> (using the bold html tags)

2: remains open

  1. I don't think it is possible. But I can't say it for sure.

Please remember to ask one question per thread.

No, that's not possible. They are different things.

I would like that possibility. Maybe in the next version?

Sorry that's not something we're considering.

The filter bar is designed to appear when needed and then disappear again automatically. What benefit would there even be in making it part of the staus bar?

How do you do that? My filter bar stays always there and does not dis/appear automatically. What do you mean by "appear when needed"?

The default behaviour is for it to appear when activated (e.g. by typing *) and disappear again when the filter is cleared.

If it's there all the time then you must have turned on the Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options / Display filter bar - always option.

Jon, many thanks!

Now there is less confusion with only two bottom-bars, and the filter-bar is activated by typing. Good!

However, now there is the inconvenience that I have to type a character key to make the filter-bar appear and then click on the folder filter to make the folders disappear:


... and then I have to delete that dummy-key filter again to see all files!

For this reason I would like the folder/file filter icons included in the Status-Bar!

Or an alternative could be: just hitting the SPACE-BAR should make the filter-bar appear without having to type a dummy-key!

If you just want a quick way to toggle between hiding and showing folders, make a button or hotkey which runs this:


(It will toggle automatically.)

Thanks, Leo. Very nice!

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BTW, who has invented all these commands? Or is this from a specific programming language?

The commands are part of Opus. Invented by us (Jon, mostly).

Jon is a very creative man.