Merge 2 sets of folder aliases

Dear DOpus community,

I have 2 computers which I used independently for different tasks and created many folder aliases independently. I am a heavy user of folder aliases and have about 200 aliases on each machine.

I am looking for a simple way to now "clean up the mess", i.e. merge all aliases into one Directory Opus configuration that is to be used on both machines such that I can use all of them on both computers.

Is there a simple & quick way to do that (other than manually typing every single alias from machine 1 into machine two)?

Ideally I would somehow keep the two configurations in sync via some sort of cloud, but a manual "copy this text-file here"-solution is also good enough for me.

Thanks a lot in advance!



The aliases are stored in


It's an XML file with a pretty straight forward logic. Simply copy the entries from one installation to the other (backup first, and exit Opus completely).

I keep my configurations in sync with Backup/Restore via Dropbox. Keeping individual config files in sync via links to a cloud storage will probably cause problems sooner or later.

Thanks a lot for your help - I'll try it right away :slight_smile: