Merge windows back after "Split to New Lister"

Right click a tab, there is an option "Split to New Lister" that moves the tab into a new window.

Now given that, how do I merge the new window back? I tried and found I can drag the tab back, but if the two windows both have many tabs, dragging individual tabs is too cumbersome.

Chrome browser has extension Merge Windows that merges all windows back to one.

Does Directory Opus have such functionality?

You can use Close ALLLISTERS=collapse or Close ALLLISTERS=collapse,unique to close all listers but the active one, and move their tabs into the active lister. The second one will prevent duplicate tabs being open.

(Close command docs for more detail.)

I hope it is alright to follow-up on this question. I'm sure it used to be the case that 'split to a new lister' would just open that particular tab in a new lister. My usage is such that I would much prefer that, rather than what happens now, namely opening a new lister with the tab selected but also including all the ones to the right of that tab.
Is that a possible option somewhere?

Which method are you using to split the lister?

Right clicking on a tab and choosing "Split to New LIster"

It looks like "Open in New Lister" would work for me.

Sorry, that isn't right. So still looking for a solution.

Open in New Lister will only open that one tab, but won't close the tab in the old lister, which is presumably a requirement.

To close a tab in the current lister and open it in a new window, without any other tabs coming with it, I think there are two options:

  • Drag the tab out of the lister and over the desktop. (But this doesn't work if the desktop isn't visible.)

  • Set up a button or hotkey which runs this command:


    (If it's the only tab in the whole window then the tab won't be closed but a new window will still be opened. A more complex command could change that if you want a button that needs to be able to reset the window in some way and would want to use it even when only one tab is open, but I'm assuming that isn't needed.)

Thanks Leo. I need to experiment a bit more but I think Open in a New Lister will be sufficient for me. Am I right in thinking that the behaviour has changed, probably within the past year?