Metadata batch edit with SetAttr command


I can't get this to work

I want to batch pass the filename of each file to the 'comment' metadata.

So I use this command:

SetAttr META Comment:{file}

but it passes the filename of the first file to all files! even if they are ALL selected - so they all end up with the filename of the top file in the lister.

I tried to get @async working but to no avail.

What am I doing wrong?

Try this:

dopusrt /cmd SetAttr FILE {file} META comment:{file}
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ah great that worked.

So the only way is with windows command prompt? (using dopusrt /cmd)

Well it is only a moment of a the command box popping up anyway. So thanks!

No command prompt should be involved. Just put that line as the command in your button, with the type set to Standard Function.