Metadata for mkv files

i want to use movie files in different codecs.
i have seen that the metadata of Movie Files from mp4, divx can see dthe resolution and codec and some more.
I have seen too that mkv files will not display the Metadata codec, resolution and Datarate.
It is possible to display all Metadata from Moviel files wirth different codecs, to see all medatada.

Built-in support for MKV metadata is fairly limited at the moment, but something we plan to improve.

Until then, you can use these add-ins to display the missing data via ExifTool or MediaInfo:

Thanks for the information.
I hope mkv comes nearly in the DO.
I dont have spent time in scripts and plugins, so it is not so easy for me.
At this time mkv support is not running on my machine.

i have tried to implement the MKV Metatagging from above articles.
I generate the help files but not more.
I dont know how i can use the files to show the list and more.

DO is a very powerfull tool and many articles are very complicate, why do not any Youtube Videos th sho how it works?

I found very old YT Videos from DO.

The MKV Folder handle very small metadatas and now i have decided that i dont use MKV in the future.
I will recode all my film files to mp4 that will be use very good in Dicretory Opus and Handle many metadatas.

I may come back to MKV if DO supports MKV directly.
Right now it's like fighting against windmills.

lxp helped me and now it works.