Metadata for wav files

Directory Opus does not read write any metadata for wav files.
for example

No Metadata for this wav files, But Look at this same folder in Windows 11's File Explorer

same folder in MediaMonkey 5

I hope you will fix this in next Update.

Nothing broken there. ID3 (etc.) in wav is non-standard and not something we plan to support, at least in the near future. Most people who want a lossless audio format are better served by things like FLAC, which have tag formats we support.

If File Explorer shows the information then you can usually import those columns into Opus to get the same details.

We might add support for tagged WAV files in the future, too, but it's not something that's broken, it just isn't supported.

Yes File Explorer shows the information as you can see in my 2nd Screenshot.

How to import those columns into Opus?