Metadata not displayed

I just noticed that I can display .pdf metadata from within Windows Explorer, if you add the appropriate columns (subject, author, keyword, etc.). There's a new pdf tab in the file properties of a .pdf file. I don't recall seeing this before. Perhaps the functionality is added by Adobe Reader 7.x?

Unfortunately, I can't get Dopus to display this information.

Anyone else have this issue?

Same for me. Metadata is displayed in the PDF tab of the properties dialog, in the columns of Explorer, but not in DOpus.

I think it has already been discussed on this forum not long ago.

There was a previous thread but, they were talking about the need to create a plugin to read the data.

However, it appears that the .pdf metadata is now native to Windows XP Explorer (if Reader 7 is installed).

If Explorer natively displays .pdf metadata, shouldn't Dopus be able to also?

What ever happened to this ?
It would be useful to me to see the
metadata TITLE in a lister.

I can't even see the Title column for PDFs in Explorer, at least on Vista. I see it in the Properties dialog only.

I think what I had meant to say is that when I right-click on a PDF
and goto Properties I see a PDF tab. In that PDF tab there is a
field called 'Title:'. What I want to do is display that in a column.

The other two people above seem to have the columns working in Explorer though. If I can work out why they don't work in Explorer for me the I can check whether they work with the next Opus version that I'm helping to test at the moment.

Turning on the ' Title ' column in OPUS seems to
do the trick. I know see the adobe Title in that column
and it does match the properties PDF tab title.

Sorting on that column doesn't seem to work though.