Metadata Pane Linked With Columns

In several places I've noticed a factory description in the user description column.
I'm the user and I didn't write these descriptions:
User Description

This particular example is in C:\Users\Public.
The metadata pane won't let me erase these descriptions. Apply won't apply.
I assume windows just locks out editing these folders, unfortunately. I don't want to look at those captain obvious descriptions.

The prev/next file arrows should be up and down arrows, not left and right arrows. As that is the direction of travel in lists. Same with the viewer pane arrows.
Left Right

I wish the viewer and metadata panes could be a little thicker, and their buttons a little bigger.
The viewer pane greys out its functions when there isn't something to modify.
Ok but they look really bad. I can't find an 'unselected' or 'off' colour option for those anywhere.
Greyed Out

Still building my config:
I got colours on my file types, with cute little icons. One click to line up all my file types in a row.

And building an extremely sweet app tool launcher.
App Launcher

happy happy :slightly_smiling_face:

Those descriptions come from Windows. They're controlled by the InfoTip value in the hidden desktop.ini file inside each folder.

Yes but they are showing up in Opus as 'user descriptions', mingled in with my own commentary that I have established myself.

Those bits of text belong in the 'description' column, not 'user description'. Those two types of columns are differentiated for a reason, yes? So we don't mix up software dev descriptions with user descriptions. If it doesn't matter, ok might as well replace my avatar title with 'developer' because it doesn't matter the context of the source, right?

One type of description is automatically generated from things like image dimensions, the other is an arbitrary string set on the file or folder (usually by the user but occasionally set by Microsoft instead).

The “Description” column shows both while “User Description” omits the auto-generated details.

In this case it’s set by Microsoft instead of the user, so maybe the column name isn’t completely accurate (but it would be a very long name if it was completely accurate).

You would not normally see a folder with a Microsoft-supplied description strings anywhere where it would make sense for you to have your own folders that you’d add description strings to, so I don’t see where the problem is here.

PS: Please remember, one thing per thread.

Shouldn't descriptions be reserved for descriptions only? Isn't there a column respective of each metadata item, that the user can add or take away from listers?

I was thinking a good solution to me wanting factory and user comments to always be separate, is to create a new custom column. So I can sandbox my own descriptions away from this random description dump that everything has access to, apparently (without any indication of who wrote what, which is a recipe for future problems).

But the problem is I have no idea how to get that data from a custom column onto paper. I see this comment box that I can enter data into, which begs another question: Why the term 'comment' shows up in a column titled 'user description'. ? That's confusing. Shouldn't the column be titled 'comment'?

Sorry I'm not trying to be offtopic. I think your forum rules allow for 'closely related' subject matter, yes?

Another thing I noticed is pushing the Enter key, but the metadata doesn't apply. I get the red arrow. It's just earmarked for applying? What good is that? Why can't I just hit Enter to 'Enter' the data that I've just entered, and carry on with another task?


Of course I want to save my changes. That's why I pressed the Enter key. That's why the Enter key exists.

My auto-save was disabled. Ok, so do I have to manually click on 'apply' every time instead of just being able to use the enter key as apply?

I found there is a comment column. That accepts metadata identically as the other two.
Comment Column
So what's happening here is you have three column types that are exactly the same thing.