Metadata Pane - Tab Key Possible Minor Bug

Hello Everyone,

Not a huge problem but in testing the metadata pane in the past (with mp3 id3 tags), I came across something a little odd.
In most programs with fields when you hit the tab key it goes to the next editable field, but when you do this in the metadata pane it highlights the next field label and then you have to hit the tab key again to get to the next field. So in essence you have to hit the tab key twice to get to the next field if you are using this method to edit mp3 tags.

If you are in the "Album" field and you hit the tab key, it will put a dotted rectangle around the "Artists" label and then when you hit tab again it goes into the "Artists" field and so on.

To all DO user, I would steer clear of using DO completely until this is fixed, this is an outrage!
Just kidding, again just a minor observation.