Metadata panel not showing metadata for some raw images

Hello there,

DOpus 12.30.1 Beta is not showing metadata within metadata panel for any .arw, .cr2, .rw2 and .nef raw files. Windows 10 Pro 64Bit 22H2 19045.2486.

Download source:

The metadata panel only shows fields that can be edited (other than a couple of things like resolution, for convenience).

Raw images are read-only in Opus (and we feel a little risky to edit, given how they are proprietary and undocumented file formats, as well as used for archiving of untouched images from the camera).

So we show that metadata in info-tips and columns, but not in the metadata panel.

Extending the metadata panel to show more read-only data may happen in the future (definitely makes sense!), but isn't how it was designed or works currently.