Metados for Office Do not appear


I started having a problem with Directory Opus.
I am a constant user of TAG's (Metadata) for organizing my documents. Even related to work.

This week something very annoying happened, Microsot updated its Office and after that all my documents with extension * .docx, * .pptx, etc ... no longer appear the metadata on the Opus panel.

However my files with the format * .doc, for example, are normal.

What do I do for Opus to re-read the file metadata?

If you add the corresponding metadata columns to File Explorer / Windows Explorer, do values show up there for the .docx files?

If not then the Office update has broken Office's component for extracting metadata in some way. We can make some guesses (e.g. repairing/reinstalling Office might help, or manually registering some DLLs if you're comfortable doing so), but it's really something you'd need to ask the Office team about, since it's their component.

If you haven't rebooted since installing the Office update, that is worth a try in case it has some pending files that could not be overwritten until a reboot.

Thank you for the promptness.
Actually I've restarted the machine several times, but I've noticed that the problem is in the Opus directory. By the following: I have two machines with Office 365 and both with Opus also, the two machines went through the update, after that, the two Opus can no longer read the * .docx, * .pptx, etc files.

To get the full question, I installed Windows XP on a virtual machine and installed "Directory Opus", copied several files to this brand new virtual machine and the problem persists. With clean installation, only Windows and Opus, nothing else.

The * .doc files (etc ...) = ok.
The * .docx files (etc ...) = no read metadata.

The issue is that before the update these files showed the metadata normally, however, it seems that this windows update converted all office files from my machine to this new format not supported by Opus.

What to do?

I'm not following where Opus is involved here. Does the metadata appear in Explorer? If it doesn't appear in Explorer or Opus then the problem won't be due to Opus; it will be that the Office metadata component is broken in general.

Note that Opus does not parse any Office document formats itself. It does not know how to. Everything is done by DLLs that Office installs which allow other programs to request attributes of files using generic Windows APIs.

Got it.

Really TAG's are also invisible to Windows Explorer.
Is the problem related to Microsoft Office 2016? And your files? that's right?

Who has to help me is Microsoft support?

Thanks for listening.