Metapane does not update when Viewer pane is open too

I created a button which toggles both Metapane and Viewpane. Works fine.

However, when both panes are open, metapane does not update when I click on another file. Viewer pane switches to the new file no problem. If I have Dual open too, clicking on a file in the other lister does cause metapane to update with no problem.

Running the same version on two machines, one works fine the other, my laptop, has this issue. Primarily clicking on .flac files. Have K-Lite standard installed on both so that I can use movie viewer to preview.

I have tried swapping the order the pane toggles occur in the script, didn't help.

Any ideas where to look for this one?

It's possible that whatever is playing/previewing the FLAC files on the machine where it doesn't work is locking them for exclusive access and preventing the metadata panel from reading the file at the same time. (Viewers, codecs, etc. obviously should not do that, but if they do then we can't stop them.)

Figured it out: Needed to move the Audio Tags plugin above Movie plugin in the plugin list. The Movie plugin does a great job at playing Flacs, and it does remember the last set volume. Why does everything seem so easy once you've already figured it out???

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Strange. That shouldn't make a difference (and doesn't seem to here). The Audio Tags plugin isn't involved with the viewer or metadata panel (it's only used for file display columns, infotips, and so on) and the Movie plugin isn't usually involved with FLAC files at all (at least unless the .flac extension has been added to its list).

Does it stop working again if you move Audio Tags down below Movie now?

Yes, if I move the Audio Tags plugin below the Movie plugin, the same problem comes back. I use a custom button to toggle both the Meta and Preview panes, which both open stacked on the right. The file selected starts to play in the Movie plugin, the file details are shown in the Meta plugin below it. If I click on another file in the folder, it plays in the Preview pane, but the Meta pane shows no data. The labels are shown in the meta pane, but no info from the file. If I move the Audio Tags plugin above the Movie plugin, normal expected behavior resumes. Reproduced on both of my machines.

A few more details: Latest version of DOpus, latest version of K-Lite codec pack standard installed. Default opener for .flac is Groove Music - doesn't matter as I never open a file directly. Folder is full of .flac files. Added .flac to the extensions recognized by the Movie plugin. Note that if I have dual horizontal folders turned on and I'm previewing and viewing the meta of a file in one lister, then click on a file in the other lister, it works as expected regardless of the plugin order.

Hope this helps...

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Many thanks! I installed K-Lite with similar settings and was then able to reproduce what you were seeing (much to my surprise!).

It turned out to be an issue with how the Movie plugin was opening files. (I think the plugin order just came down to the timing of things.) We'll have a fix in the next version.

Awesome - thanks!

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