Method to remove duplicate files

Let me explain. I have several LARGE collections of files. Some of these files may be buried several folders deep. I use a program called PackEmIn to back these file collections up to DVD.

Once I have them backed up on DVD (the program often times will only use some of the files from a folder) I would like to be able to use Opus to compare the contents of the DVD with the contents of the CD and ONLY delete those files/folders that are present on the DVD.

Perhaps this already exists in Opus. If so please explain how to access this function.


Tools -> Find Duplicate Files.

After running the tool, sort the results by Location and then click the Select button in order to select the duplicates in a particular location for deletion.

I did that and it was at best 30% successful.

I just tried it again and it's not even reading the files from the DVD.

How have you configured the default finder?

There were some minor bugs with dupe find in v8 - fixed in v9... are you still on v8? I thought they only had to do with searching multiple drives though...


If by configuring the default finder then I think I have.

I have it set to scan the directory where the files came from and the DVD.

Which Comparison option is set on the right?

Search inside subfolders is checked

Filename and size

So there are files with identical names and sizes in the folder(s) you're searching which aren't detected?

Can you show us a screenshot of the files and the Find Duplicates panel plus results?

Use the Size(Bytes) column so we can confirm that the sizes are exactly the same.