Microplanet Gravity Gallery Issue

Directory Opus v10.5.1.0 is hanging whenever I copy a file from Microplanet Gravity Gallery to DOpus. This did not happen with Directory Opus v10.5.0.0. I'm running the x64 version of DOpus, however I also tested the x86 version in a VM and I am getting the same result.

If you are copying from the other program into Opus via drag & drop, try setting Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: dragdrop_async = False and rebooting.

If not, please give us more info on which type(s) of file are being copied and how.

That worked! I see now in the changelog that this was added in the latest version. I guess I should start reading them more closely in the future. :blush:

Thanks a million for the quick response and as usual dead-on advice. I really appreciate it!