Microsoft Sandbox (Calculate folder)

Recently, Microsoft has changed the internal sandbox in Windows 10/11.
Is on German Windows an English base system with German language!
There is now the Windows CO Pilot available which is not yet allowed in Europe.

Problem concerns DOpus 12 and 13 on several systems
If you now use the folder calculation you suddenly get a very high result displayed
Is even larger than the SSD itself.

Before (display last backup)

After (current)

The properties show the old value.


It is probably because Opus adds the symbolic links that are not present!
Concerns this folder

The further you click in it you suddenly come back to the starting point.

Opus 12:

  • Preferences / Folders / Folder Behavior / Ignore junctions and softlinks when calculating folder sizes

Opus 13:

  • Preferences / Folders / Folder Sizes / Junctions and Links (Folder Sizes) / Ignore junctions below a folder when calculating its size

Thank you, this works for users in DO12+13.
New after option change
is now smaller like backup?

Since the addition in the sandbox you now have the tilde (~) in front of some folders
See comparison above old -> new (ProgrammData+Programme)
Is there something for this as well?

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A ~ before the size means it's not the full size because some sub-folders were skipped (usually due to permissions not allowing them to be examined, but may also happen if junctions are skipped; not sure without testing that).