Miniature view of a directory using images: Selecting these

As a new user of Directory Opus, I am very impressed seeing a miniature view of a directory containing images made from four of these images.
Apparently, the first four images found are used.
However, this may not the most significant way e.g. if the directory contains a saved internet site where the navigation buttons are first before the "real" content, or if the directory contains several image series denoted by name prefixes.

I propose a selectable "smart mode" as follows:
1.) get an internal list of all images of the directory (as this costs time, i propose the selectability of the "smart mode"),
2.) remove from that list all images whose file size is below half of the average file size (as long as at least 4 images remain) - this step eliminates the (less interesting) navigation button images, thumbnails etc.
3.) select for the miniature view the first image, the one at one third of the list sequence, the one at two third, and the last one.

(PS.: As I use the German version of Directory Opus, I have retranslated the terms used there; maybe they are not the same than in the original English version.)