Minimum Tab Width?

Hello all!

Is there any way to set a minimum tab width for folder tabs? I notice that when I click on a drive to show it in a tab the Automatic Tab Width setting allows the tab to get very narrow since it is only showing the drive letter. However I have inadvertently closed tabs when trying to simply click on the tab to make it active. The tab is narrow enough that when clicking on it if I get a bit too close to the right the "x" picks up the click and the tab is closed.

A see in Settings>Preferences>Listers>Folder Tabs> there are two settings that address tab width: "Maximum Tab Size" and "Same Size Tabs". "Same Size Tabs" offers two choices - Automatic Size and Fixed Size. Automatic is my current setting. I could set a manual tab size but I do prefer the auto-size setting in most cases; except when a drive is selected and the tab has only one character. That is when I am liable to accidentally close the tab.

Is there a command setting that lets me set a minimum width for tabs? That would allow me to keep the setting at Automatic but eliminate - or greatly reduce - the chances of clicking on the X and closing the tab inadvertently.

Thank you.