Minor bug in Synchronize tool

Ver. (4779) x64
Win7 Ultimate 64

I've noticed that when using the Synchronize tool that the progress window that opens up as the synch is taking place has a bug when copying the first of several files (I don't know how it behaves if there is only one file to copy).

Below and to the right of the bottom (overall) progress meter there is a fractional display that normally shows how many files have been copied out of the number that are to be copied, e.g. "5 / 10" when it is copying the sixth of ten files. The bug appears when it is copying the first file so that the fraction shows "N-1 / N" instead of "0 / N". So in the example above, when copying the first file the display would show "9 / 10", and then when the second file is being copied the display would change to "1 / 10", then "2 / 10" etc.

It should be noted that the manual copy progress window is similarly structured with two progress meters and the fractional display, but it behaves properly starting at "0 / N" on the first file.

Thanks for the report! This will be fixed in the next update.