Minor metadata problem

I used the Opus metadata panel to add the exposure program info to an image so that I could check some work I was doing on a VB program to read and write image metadata.

When I read the metadata into my program this was the result:

You will see that the Program field is filled with not the written data, but rather the list index value of that data.

I was preparing to write a routine to convert the list index value into its "English" value, when I decided to read in an image I had recently taken on my digital camera. This was the result:

As you can see the value is correctly set at Auto, not the list index.

When I check the value with Photoshop and Explorer the value is correct at "Auto".

I attach a zip of the two images. The main differences are that one was download from the Web and shows it was processed in Photoshop CS6. Whereas the picture of the train came straight off the camera via Lightoom and Photoshop CC.

I have checked many images from my digital cameras and all are OK, which indicates that my VB program is reading and from and writing to the correct field.

Is this at all related to a problem I reported some few months ago where the date created was not being read by Opus in some files?

Metadata.zip (4.2 MB)