Minor security issue: FTP user/pass revealed in COPYNAMES

I have a button to copy the full path of files which uses "Clipboard COPYNAMES". I tried this on an FTP site and found it revealed my user/pass as a part of the path.

I know that it's valid to supply FTP user/pass in the URL, but since it isn't revealed in the address bar of DOpus (or any other location), I didn't expect to see it in my clipboard.

You can use the SET argument instead to customize the path.Clipboard SET http://test.com/{files$}"

I think you miss-understanding why I'm posting this. I'm not looking to customize the clipboard or asking for help of any sort.

When you open an FTP site in DO and you execute the DO command "Clipboard COPYNAMES", the path it copies reveal the username and password used to connect to the FTP site.

I'm posting this because I thought the developers would want to know. It's unusual for a program that stores passwords to provide a mechanism to view those passwords in plain text.

If you want the developers to see your comments then you need to post a formal report.

I just thought I'd post a possible solution for you, or for others who may search and find this thread later on.

After all, this is a user to user support forum...

Of course, sorry. I should have known that there would be a more appropriate place to make an official report. Thanks.