Mismatch of data on display of folder versus properties

Not sure if this is a bug or just an option I failed to set correctly.
In several folders the display of folders shows 0 size. However, when I right-click properties the folder size is shown correctly.
This only seems to happen on Microsoft folders related to Edge and only some of them.
I've attached a screenshot as this is difficult to explain.

Which of the size columns is that?

Is Everything installed? 1.4 (supported) or 1.5 alpha (may work, but not tested or supported)?

Try Edit > Calculate Folder Sizes to force a re-calculation.

I tried all of the size options and they are all zero.
Everything 1.4 is installed.
Edit>Calculate Folder Sizes does not change anything.

Check your Everything settings, make sure nothing is being excluded from the index.

Index Folder Size was turned off.

Opus doesn't use the folder size information from Everything, so I'm surprised changing that would fix it - but maybe having Everything rebuild its index was what did it.

I received a new update to MS Edge. Same deal. Some of the folders showed 0 bytes. So I forced a rebuild in Everything and the problem went away. The switch was on - I left it on after your earlier suggestion.
Just passing info along.