Missing background on open tab group?

I recently discovered tab groups, so been setting them up but noticed something odd, when I open a group of tabs the folder background image doesn't show? if I open a new tab to that folder it shows it fine, it's only when something else opens the folder. I've also noticed that the same thing happens when opening the lister itself, no background images, but I manually open said folders and voila background images present? Is this a known bug or am I just missing something obvious?

Also I've noticed that I can't drag a folder from the location bar to a program I use a lot called EpNamer, normally in win explorer I could simply drag the fold and drop it on epnamer and it would index the directory, but dopus doesn't seem to be able to.

win7 6.1.7600
dopus 9.5.0

Tab groups, the Default Lister (and Layouts and Styles) can save the folder format inside of them.

The folder format is what specifies which background image (if any) to use.

You must've created the things you are loading back when you didn't use background images in them (or when different images that no longer exist were used).

For the tab groups, you can edit them via Preferences and turn off the Images section of the folder formats. (You need to edit each tab in each group.) Or you can simply load each group, get all the tabs looking correct, then re-save the group over itself.

For the default lister, you can either get it looking correct an re-save it or you can turn on an option in preferences which tells Opus to ignore the folder format stored in the default lister.

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You'll need to ask the people who make EpNamer which drag & drop formats their app supports, or maybe ask them to investigate why it isn't working with drops from Opus. Opus should be putting the standard formats into the drag & drop object (which is a bit like the clipboard) but maybe it's doing things slightly differently in a way which confuses EpNamer. It's difficult to tell which formats EpNamer accepts without the source code to it, but the EpNamer devs can easily see what Opus is offering as the drag & drop protocol means Opus advertises the formats it supports.