Missing icons

Im not sure if this a Opus issue or Windows 2000 Pro issue. Recently on both of my machines with Opus the icons for my drive letters have turned into the default icons? I have both recently had patch upgrades for Opus and Windows so I cant point to either one being the culprit?

Also I have .pdf icons on the my desktop some use the adobe icon and others the windows default? This has always been the case, and not recentlty like the issues with the drive icons.

In a similar thread recently, Jon said: "this could be the result of the change in the last version to attempt to support icon changer programs. We will be putting out a minor update soon which hopefully fixes this."

resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php ... rive+icons

cool, thanks!

This change was in the version. Of course, thanks to Microsoft, different versions of windows handle the shellicon lists in different ways:)

Try and see how you get on.

If you still see the problem, see the release notes and set the Registry variable to turn off the new custom icon support.

Woo hoo! That did the trick thanks.