Missing metadata with long paths

Hello there,

DOpus 12.30.1 Beta is missing metadata that exceed path length of 259 for flac, opus, ogg (vorbis), mp4, mkv, avi, ts and mov files. Maybe i am missing some filetypes. Windows 10 Pro 64Bit 22H2 19045.2486.

We only guarantee basic operations like rename/delete/copy work on extremely long paths.

They may work in other places, but we can't fully guarantee it, because it's often down to Windows APIs and/or third-party components and libraries we can't control.

(And, contrary to Microsoft's claims about very-long-path support in newer versions of Windows, large parts of the Windows API still don't actually support them. The Recycle Bin is an easy to see example, which still has path limits, at least last time I checked in Windows 10.)

You'll also find those paths break a lot of other software. They are best avoided by renaming the folders or moving things to be less nested.