Missing settings: Backup and Restore

I would like to backup my DO configuration. The help files and forum searches tell me to go to Settings: Backup and restore.

There is no such item under my DO ver 9 Settings menu.

What am I missing here?


Peter McG

If it's not there you can add it via Customize. It's the 4th item in the All Commands list.

(Looks like you've already customized your toolbar a bit so I assume you're familiar with it but if not and you're not sure what to do, shout.)

(From your screenshot I'm guessing it might already be there under the Saved Preferences sub-menu. AFAIK that isn't standard but maybe it was in an older version of Opus that you've upgraded from?)

Thanks Nudel,

I was practically tearing my hair out on this one. Your suggestion was easy to implement.

Happy Holidays!

Peter McG


In the case of upgrading or installing over the top of an existing install, Opus will not 'replace' your toolbars and such so as not to blow away any customizations you may have made. That said... if you RENAME your customized toolbars to something other than the default name... then Opus will recreate it's defaults when you exit and restart it (reboot or system tray icon->Exit).

Is a good way to check things out during a new version release to see if GPSoft has added anything cool to the default menus and toolbars. I keep copies of the defaults called <toolbar_name>.org so that I can see what other ppl see when tryign to guide ppl towards a button or something. Just one way of doing it of course...