Missing Special folders (Windows7)

ref. Windows 7 64bits.


I notice a important bug (probably !) in Directory Opus 10.
I do not found any report of it, on the forums...

It concerns "Special Folders" in "user directory" : C:\Users<username> or simply .

The "File List" do not display special folders with specific target location.

... the folder disapears from the File list.

Reset the default location and the folder comes back.

The tree folder list does not seem to have this problem.

Sory for my poor english

It's not a bug, although it's something that could be improved.

Opus is showing you the real C:\Users\Username folder in the file display. If those other folders are moved so they are no longer below the real folder then they won't show up there (they'll show up wherever they actually are, instead).

The folder tree (as opposed to the file display) should still show the moved folders, but that's because it shows you the virtual profile folder/view.